We are simply experiencing a projected reality based on our own genetic makeup, stored beliefs and conditionings.  To see the changes in our world that we desire, like peace and unity, we need to make the necessary changes within ourselves.

We are a powerful force within consciousness.  Knowing how to apply our inner power to change what is reflected in our world is simple. We need to wake up, connect with our innate wisdom and let it guide us to live beyond the confinements that we have placed on ourselves.

When we make these subtle shifts, the Universe reflects the inner change, increasing our awareness within the matrix of higher intelligence.  We get to see more of who we are and will deeply feel our place within consciousness.  Nothing comes close to experiencing the feeling and knowing of the inner force that we all carry.

Even in the darkest moments you feel reassured in trusting the Universe as you take courageous steps forward. 

I continue to do what I do to help others locate and apply their own inner force.  It is my deepest passion to assist as many people as possible to realise our infinite greatness through the understanding of energy.

When insights are shared with me through universal consciousness, I communicate them directly with everyone who chooses to hear. 

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Through active meditation we become the change our planet needs

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