The heart brain system


As we move through our life experience, the human level/cognitive brain is constantly recording, categorising and integrating information. It is also registering and responding to our physical environment and our individual DNA structure. Everything that is relayed through the cognitive brain is influenced by a human code, connected to the restrictive programming we have been immersed in for thousands of years.

To move out of this phase, each individual, layer by layer needs to realign past issues and memory imprints that no longer serve us whilst staying connected with the sacred heart centre.

The sacred heart is located within the chest area. It resonates with a light pink colour and is where our pure love intelligence resides. Building our connection with this energetic structure allows us to generate loving feelings and thoughts. Bringing any limited belief or conditioning pattern to the sacred heart lets us recognise and to let go of what is no longer serving us. 

If we consider the cognitive brain as a computer, then the heart brain is like the modem - it provides us with the ability to go beyond our individual/singular terminal. The heart brain processes higher intelligence and aligns with our wise true self, and gives us access to our full intuitive potential. 

Before we can access the full potential of the heart brain we need to align the three minds within the cognitive brain - subconscious mind (long-term memory), the conscious mind (present moment) and the unconscious mind (intuitive mind/higher soul). These three minds need to be functioning in unity. 

Our conscious mind interplays with the inner and outer world through the front of our body and front chakras. Our subconscious mind/long-term memory/beliefs and conditioning patterns interplay with the inner and outer world through the back of our body and back chakras. The unconscious mind/intuitive mind/higher soul aspects of self-interplay with the inner and outer world through the middle of the body and inner channel.

If we have outdated beliefs or negative memory imprints within the stores of our back chakras, then this is what we will continually seek and project within our personal reality through the front chakras. This creates the duality experience of life.

Most people at this point in time are functioning in duality, meaning we run on a subconscious mind to conscious mind relay or two mind system. In this form, our memories, core beliefs, conditioned ways of behaving and thinking dominate our expression of self. When we function in this way our unconscious mind/intuitive mind/higher soul lays dormant.

To expand the presence of the unconscious mind (intuitive mind/higher soul) we need to realign the inner channel. The inner channel is our energetic central axis and it lies in front of the spinal column and behind the organs.

When the unconscious mind (intuitive mind/higher soul) has an equal presence within the cognitive brain we no longer function from a two mind system and our personal frequency increases. This awakens the higher intelligence - the heart brain.

As the heart brain system becomes more active and integrated;

  • we are presented with a new opportunity that closely resembles a painful past memory and can choose to explore it anyway
  • we are presented with a situation that brought us happiness in the past but can recognise that this situation no longer serves us
  • we feel rewarded for assisting and supporting others and less satisfied by material gain with no altruistic purpose
  • we are able to access our cellular memory and universal memory - the higher intelligence-matrix
  • we are able to discern the right course of action from all that is seen and unseen
  • we can see feel, sense and know pure love in all things

Much love,