Finding the gift


As you become increasingly self-aware, challenges can feel more frustrating as you know you are the one responsible for them presenting within your holographic image of life - there can be no more blaming others. 

This stage is where you might think 'ignorance is bliss' applies because having a growing sense of self-awareness is quite challenging but also exhilarating and empowering. 

Even with self-awareness, it can take some time and work to become and recognise who we truly are because many of us have suppressed or hidden the true self to please others. 

If we can detach as much as possible in difficult challenges, while still having compassion for ourselves and the experience and gratitude for the gifts we are learning, life is easier and more fulfilling. 

Be patient with yourself for you are in the process of making deeply important changes to become closer to fully embracing who you truly are. 

Much love,