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As I sit and write today I do so with a deep sense of humility to the matrix of higher intelligence. 

I have had many great teachers cross my path in this lifetime and carry a deep gratitude for the teachings they have demonstrated. At this time I feel it is also important to recognise that ultimately, it is the matrix of higher intelligence that is guiding all of us. 

ITA Energy Medicine, Mahat Meditation and all of the related short courses that we teach through ASI have been born in their present form through the combination of my life experience, clinical observations and the guidance of the higher matrix.

Our most basic understanding of energy at ITA Tier 1 level is that the chakras and meridians are fuelling and distributing chi to and from the physical body. Still quite basic for ASI, but at a higher level of ITA and Mahat Meditation study, we look at the systems that are fuelling the chakras and meridians which are the vortices and the vessels. 

In my outward research on the vessels, the schools and practitioners that I looked at all seem to be working with the eight extraordinary vessels through either the meridians or through various co-ordinated breath, movement and sound sequences. 

Through the ITA/Mahat understanding and my own inner reflection, another way to activate these pathways is through Mahat Meditation and this has now been made clear to me.  

I look forward to sharing this insight and the Mahat Meditation on the eight extraordinary vessels for the first time this year with all of the attendees at our Mahat Meditation retreat in March. 

I have been working with energy for 33 years this year and I am more humbled with each day by the greatness that we all carry within.

Much love,