Body, mind and soul relationship - a summary


In each interaction that I have with the students of Mahat Meditation and ITA Energy Medicine,  I am reminded of the sacredness of the understanding of energy that we share within our courses. 

I wanted to share something with you that was sent to me by one of our ITA and Mahat students.

It is a summary of their understanding of the body, mind and soul relationship described in both disciplines.

I hope you enjoy it,

With love,



How we injure ourselves is directly related to how we carry ourselves. 

How we carry ourselves is directly related to how we hold ourselves.

How we hold ourselves is directly related to how we feel inside. 

How we feel inside is directly related to what we remember.

What we remember, feel, hold and carry is directly related to what we believe to be true. 

What we believe to be true is not always what is true, we have just made it true so we can recognise it again.

We need to recognise it again so we can control the impact it has on us. 

When we try to control the impact of any internal or external force we brace. 

When we brace for impact we are trying to prevent pain or loss - and preserve 'what is'. 

Trying to preserve 'what is' forfeits our potential for change.

Forfeiting our potential for change is a rejection of our capacity for growth. 

Rejecting our capacity for growth results in the solidification of the self according to the long term memory of who we are - we become what we remember ourselves to be. 

Solidification of the self according to what we remember of ourselves is an embodiment of the personality rather than an embodiment of the soul.