The importance of activating our intuition 


In the earlier stages of spiritual evolution, most people make decisions based on what is presented from the external world, and the conscious involvement of their soul is minimal. 

Aligning to the inner channel of our being as we do in ITA Energy Medicine helps the different minds integrate the higher soul aspect into the human experience.

As the three minds of the cognitive brain align and work in unison, the intuitive mind/higher soul awakens and becomes more integrated into the human experience. This makes way for the further activation of the heart brain and higher heart intelligence. 

As the cognitive and heart brains align and integrate and our energy systems evolve, we begin to experience the feeling of being one within consciousness. 

The inner stillness achieved through meditation, breath and energy work fuels this unfoldment. 

By cultivating the integration of the heart brain and heart intelligences we can become a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. This state of being has been described as Buddhic or Christ consciousness. Aligning to this type of consciousness allows us to interplay with higher intelligence to experience awareness, insight and wisdom, and allows universal truths to be understood instinctively. 

An individual functioning in duality is operating in the cognitive brain/lower mind, which functions on beliefs and conditioning patterns, thoughts and emotions, and leads to life being a reaction to outer experiences.

Much love,