Realignment of stored memory


To realign the memory stored within degenerative cells, we first need to realign to our energetic rhythm. 

Energetic rhythm describes the coordination of the movement of our energetic frequency and tone within our systems.  

For example, if the movement of energy within our systems is smooth, this is interpreted as a smooth energetic rhythm. If the movement is erratic this is interpreted as an erratic energetic rhythm. 

When the energetic rhythm is balanced, aligned and flowing freely we can then move into the more targeted realignment of cellular imprints. 

Cells replicate according to the imprinted memory. This imprint adjusts over time according to the experiences of the organism. When a cell is impacted by an experience, the experience becomes ingrained as part of the cellular imprint, influencing how the cell reproduces. If this new information disrupts the cells ability to maintain health and vitality this can result in imbalance and disease. 

Through the ITA understanding of energy we know that specific energy points activated in a sequential pattern can restore the self-healing functions of the physical body. This is due in part to the effect that the sequence has on the mind as the sequence creates a space for the mind to question the existing state of being, and to let go of anything that is no longer serving the whole unit. 

It is within the Void that we are able to realign/let go of memory that no longer serves us. By accessing the stillness of the Void with conscious awareness, the three main energy points that fuel regeneration can be activated.   

The three main energy points that we work within ITA to achieve this are the right shoulder vortex, forehead ajna chakra (influences the pineal and pituitary glands) and the higher intelligence/heart brain. Intention placed in the correct sequence within these key points lets us balance and align the long-term memory. This affects how the individual interprets the individual long-term memory (cell-based) and the soul memory. 

Soul memory is linked to our collective experiences within the threads of light making up the illusion. These memories can become concentrated and passed down through collective groups and from one individual to another. 

If the above points are activated within the Void in the correct sequence with clarity and presence, we create a direct link to our Divine Spark within. The Divine Spark has no memory - it is pure light.  

Reviewing and releasing the destructive memory interrupts the repetition of it. We are then able to connect more intimately with our higher intelligence, the aspect of ourselves that was present during the creation of the initial imprint of memory.

All memory can assist in the development of the self when it is perceived through higher intelligence. 

Much love,