The inner calling

Living within our life experience is an interesting ride for all of us. 

One of the main realisations that I have had in my life to date is to simply follow your heart.

It's the inner pull that guides us through each moment, we must learn to trust the inner calling even when it means taking a risk or embracing change. 

Sharing truth

So far, it has been an interesting, fulfilling and inspirational journey sharing energy medicine and Mahat Meditation during this visit to New York. When I travel and share what I have learned in this lifetime I find myself reflecting on my teachers and friends, the ones who have guided me on my path. 

In this lifetime I have been gifted to have had some very enlightened souls cross my path. I am deeply grateful that they have welcomed me closely into their presence. My greatest teachers have been my greatest friends. I want to say to all who have shared sacred truths with me, these gifts are deeply appreciated. 


For many of us our sacred heart has been buried by the pain of shutting down a part of ourselves, of living with emptiness or camouflaged by dramas or challenges.

Our sacred heart emanates love, then love of the self re-opens the doorway. As the sacred heart emanates stillness, the stillness will usher you back in.