It could be said that I have chosen a path less travelled. My life is one of dedication and service to helping others heal themselves through what I am able to see, feel, sense and know.  Through commitment to my own inner work and daily practice of what has been shown to me, I have been able to hone my innate intuitive abilities.

I opened my first clinic in Fremantle, Western Australia over 30 years ago and have been working with energy in a formal clinic setting ever since. 

Through receiving loving guidance from great souls, being committed to inner work and practising dedicated service through my clinic, I am able to achieve consistently positive results with my clients. This guidance and practise has also enabled me to share knowledge and a unique understanding of energy with students of ITA and Mahat Meditation. 

Here is a link to my bio at the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness website. These words best describe where I am in this moment in my understanding of energy and consciousness.  

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Much love,