We all exist within creation and can engage the creative force in any way we choose.  We can be empowered in love and humility, actively contributing to the evolution of consciousness or we can remain in the extremes of polarity, actively contributing to the continuation of humanities' subsistence in lower egoic consciousness.





HOW TO IDENTIFY AND FLOW WITH THE CYCLES OF LIFE with greater awareness, ease and grace

Life moves in a series of cycles.  The more present we are in each moment of life the more we learn and accomplish in each cycle.  You will find tools here to help you gain greater clarity, insight and directorship as you move through these cycles.  The aim of this work is to help you recognise why challenges present in your life and to empower you to work through your challenges with greater awareness, ease and grace.  You will also find simple exercises to connect with your energy systems, balance anxiety and stress and build your personal essence.  Learn more


How to establish and maintain an integrated connection with the higher self

To come out of separation consciousness, we need to learn to bring the three minds of the cognitive brain into equal play.  This integration of the three cognitive minds releases the dominance of the sub-conscious mind (long term memory) giving us more creative influence over our life experience.  From here we move into the integration of the three heart minds, also known as the three heart intelligences.  When these aspects of self are aligned and integrated, we experience greater clarity in our day to day experience through the strength of our integrated intuitive senses.  Learn more